Why I create - The Hunger

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I came across this today, and couldn't have said it better:


Welcome to The Hunger.
The Hunger to do something creative.
The Hunger to do something amazing.
The Hunger to change the world.
The Hunger to make a difference.
The Hunger to enjoy one’s work.
The Hunger to be able to look back and say, Yeah, cool, I did that.
The Hunger to make the most of this utterly brief blip of time Creation has given us.
The Hunger to dream the good dreams.
The Hunger to have amazing people in our lives.
The Hunger to have the synapses continually fired up on overdrive.
The Hunger to experience beauty.
The Hunger to tell the truth.
The Hunger to be part of something bigger than yourself.
The Hunger to have good stories to tell.
The Hunger to stay the course, despite of the odds.
The Hunger to feel passion.
The Hunger to know and express Love.
The Hunger to know and express Joy.
The Hunger to channel The Divine.
The Hunger to actually feel alive.
The Hunger will give you everything. And it will take from you, everything. It will cost you your life, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.
Welcome to The Hunger. Its day has arrived. It will never go away. You have been told.




So why do I create art? For me - art definitely transforms lives, not just for the artist, but for others who enjoy and appreciate art. 

This was a good reference as well - https://fineartviews.com/blog/15768/the-hunger-the-void-the-logos-and-the-ultimate-gifts 

Inspiration awaits!