What is Monica MG's style of painting called?

An artist tale of merging two styles, and the evolution that developed into my new style -  

What is Monica's Style?

  • Simply, detailed oil painting combined with the dynamics of acrylic pouring. 
    • Yet to have a catchy name, still working on that.

What is the process?

  • Combines two separate processes onto one canvas, to create a distinctive composition. 
    • First, leverage acrylic pouring technique creating contrasting details of cells, and mixed colors within only certain sections of the canvas.
    • Next, target traditional oil paint to purposefully fill voids to create the subject, and provide details that brings the piece together.
  • This technique and resulting style is uniquely mine
  • Love how I am not locked down to one theme or subject. I have been applying this composition to many subjects with success.

Background in introduction:

  • For about five years, I focused my craft as an oil painter, more towards realism and details, but not quite hyper realism. I developed fine brush strokes and spent years learning color and composition to where I felt (& feel) I could paint just about anything: from portraits, to my own creations, to water, fire, clouds, or whatever I wanted.
  • Acrylic pouring is a completely different technique that combines many colors together in a cup, with a medium that creates cells, or micro bubbles of color. By itself, pouring is colorful but doesn’t lend towards creating a subject of focus for a complete composition. To me, pouring is more abstract in nature. It is difficult to control - both shape and colors. Most just put the colors in, pour, and move the entire canvas to get coverage along with trying to highlight certain colors or patterns.

The evolution of two styles into one

  • How those two covered styles evolved, to be uniquely mine:
    • Being a detailed oil painter, I wanted to try something different, and loved seeing videos of acrylic pouring. Deciding to give it a try, found it was hard for me to let go, and have little control of the output. I wanted to explore this. Learning to let go as I often felt I could not do abstract. This is one reason I decided to do the masters series, to learn to adapt to different techniques. Back to pouring - here is one of the first tries:  
      • Here is black and white separating down the middle (starting to want to control)
      • Fish with water - painting on top of the pouring is called embellished pouring. This is either acrylic or oil over (on top of) the pour. I first started with this, and also see a lot of examples of how this is used.
    • Later I wanted to do a portrait of my nephew and thought of doing the background with acrylic pouring. As I was not certain where the actual outline of the portrait would be, I just covered the whole background with a pour. When painting on top, I decided to leave the glasses – the glass reflection, as the same as the background. Although I didn’t like painting oil on top of the pour for a portrait, mainly since I could still see the outlines and ridges of the pour. Still, a lot of light bulbs went off. This had me thinking of trying to control the pour. I knew if I planned where the portrait and gasses were going to be, I could target just those areas. This was the ah-ha or eureka moment
      • I started testing and experimenting over several months. This is what evolved to my betta series.
      • I finally found a way to control, blow, and drag the pour. It still isn’t an exact science, but really like the results. Here you can see I am pouring the fins of the fish. Notice how the front body is left as a void, as I know the face and body details will go there.
      • The combination is striking, another detail view of a different painting:Cherry Blossom Betta detail 1

Now I’m targeting to highlight the style to shine. Most of my upcoming planned paintings continue with this style. There are some commissions in progress in oil only, but only when the client dictates (yes customer is always right :) ). As of writing this post, I’m doing hot air balloons in a Colorado setting.

Here are a list of paintings, with a links to details to highlight this style. <Click on the links, and look at detail pics listed in the Original Painting tab>

Fish (betas) & Animals: