Absolute Art

Just submitted a few pieces of art for Absolute Vodka. Although it's for a competition, I found it to be fun to play around with different styles and techniques.

This was done with oil on canvas, and used a knife to mix and spread out the colors. I really like how vibrant it turned out.

-- Being free is autonomy. Freedom to express oneself is fundamental and which other beliefs stand upon. Throughout the world, the Statue of Liberty holds all these meanings. Be Free!!

This is Acrylic on Canvas, and used the Picasso style I had experimented with on a draft "masters" figurative portraits.

-- Equality, a female panther will rip your face off all the same.

This was completely digital, from a pic I took of a FLW window at a exposition in Buffalo. 

-- Sustainability like architecture is integrated, a foundational tenant that is functional, and not always appreciated or seen. Much like a window to the world, see and be generationally ecological.   

Inspiration awaits!