3D Installation-Art Idea

When I attend exhibitions, and plan to do my own, I'm reminded that all my art is 2D to hang on walls. For months now I've been thinking about how to expand installation art off the walls, and fill some of the space. Don't get me wrong, I'd love hundreds crammed in all ohhing and ahhhing over my art, but realistically..... if the space warrants, I want to expand to embrace the opportunity.

Project Idea:  Create a pyramid, with a flat top. The flat top will have a hologram reflecting the theme of the painted pyramid. 

Concept: Bottom made of wood panel or canvas framed. Top is flat with a recycled cell phone or iPad for hologram projection with the themed painted pyramid.


Items to explore:

MOBILITY - Taking it apart and moving it. Not looking to make it one large project. Think about hinges or way to connect - reconnect.

WEIGHT - Wood panels will be easier to cut and make, but canvas will be a lot lighter. Depending on height, this can weigh a lot. Not sure if that matters. 

POWER - Don't want to over complicate this initially 


Funding: Currently Seeking Grants to get this project created.

More to Come - Inspiration Awaits 

Inspiration awaits!